ALTERATIONS & REPAIRS.  Doyour favouritetrousers need a new zip? Has a button fallen off your coat?  At MORTONS we do various repairs and alterations from fitting a new zip and sewing on buttons through to shortening or altering a new garment.   

 We also carry out repairs and alterations to curtains and upholstery. 




CURTAINS & UPHOLSTERY.    Did you know that your curtains and soft furnishings are another favourite breeding ground for those pesky dust mites.  In addition, your curtains and furniture attract odours, hairs and airborne debris such as skin particles and dust.  


Keep your home looking and feeling fresh and clean! Bring your curtains, swags, tails and pelmets to MORTONS for cleaning.  We also do removable sofa covers, chair covers, cushion covers and throws so your whole room can be refreshed and revitalised.


LAUNDRY.   We all lead busier lives than ever before. Constantly having to juggle the demands of work and family life often leads us with little time to do the things we enjoy.  Free up some time by bringing your laundry to MORTONS.  Whether you want your sheets washed and pressed for that fresh crisp look or you simply need a service wash we can provide all your laundry needs.  


Prefer to wash your own garments but hate ironing?  We  also provide an ironing service (price per item) . Just bring your freshly laundered garments to MORTONS and we will press and fold it for you.  We can usually turn these garments around in 48 hours.



"F" CLEAN or"P"
7 day turnaround



Specialists in Dry cleaning and laundry

DRY CLEANING.  Does your lifestyle require you to dress to impress?   Do you find yourself looking for something to wear on a Monday morning and realise that nothing is clean or ironed.  Take the stress out of your Monday morning and any other morning of the week and bring your suits, trousers, skirts, jackets and overcoats to MORTONS for a clean and a press.  We hand finish everything so you can be sure to look your best. 


Don't need cleaning?  We also do a press only service!


SHIRTS - LAUNDERED AND HAND IRONED.   MORTONS provide a shirt laundering and pressing service. We hand iron all shirts to guarantee that smooth, smart finish.  Choose to have your shirts on hangers so you can just put them straight into your wardrobe when you get home or if you prefer we can fold them at no extra cost.


Prefer to wash your own shirts then we are happy to iron them for you. Just pop them in and we can get them ironed and ready to wear within 48 hours.



DUVETS & PILLOWS.   Did you know that your duvet and pillows harbour thousands of dust mites.  You are sharing your bed with approximately 20,000 uninvited guests.  Laundering your duvet and pillows every 6 months will ensure that your bedding is fresh and clean so you can sleep with the knowledge that the only other occupants in your bed are the ones you have invited.

Suffer with asthma or other respiratory condition?  Dust mites love the warm, moist conditions created by your bed.   The bacteria and fungus they leave behind are often allergens to some people and can aggravate the symptoms of breathing conditions.  Another good reason to bring your duvets and pillows to MORTONS for a freshen up!